· Do you remember all your logins, passwords?

· Are you concerned that your confidential data will be exposed when you lost the USB flash memory key, or the USB backup hard disk?

· Do you always have to synchronize the revised files after presentations,  meetings, or discussions?

· Have you ever lost your email or your favorite bookmarks ?

· Are you interested in accessing your favorite bookmarks, emails, or local folders while away from your base computer?

· Do you  want to encrypt any sensitive information, and allow only authenticated fingerprint(s) to decipher it?

· Do you want to add the Finger Print BioSecurity scheme for your product(s)?

· Do you want to store multiple Finger Prints?


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If your answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, here is the solution(s) for you:


1. USB Flash memory 128MB, 216MB, 512MB, 1G

2 USB Hard Disk

3 Electronic Components

4 Fingerprint Mouse

5 Fingerprint keyboard

6 Fingerprint Reader

7 Fingerprint Chip (Patterned)

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