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Med-Mart Corporation

Information Technologies, Tele-communication, wireless, e-business Consulting services. 

Medical supplies.

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Information Technologies


Consulting Services

We Involve right people at right time on as needed base to deliver a quality product efficiently, and ensure cost effectiveness.

With extensive experience in design, development and deploy variety of web applications, e-business, Data Warehouse, enterprise applications, wireless, VoIP, and e911 projects, we have many experience in design/development/integrate products in the multi-platform IT environment.

The projects were preformed either exclusively by our own staffs, or by our partners, as a combined team that we can provide a rapid implementation with flexibility and cost effectiveness.  These are the fundamental components of our result-oriented, team-based methodology. 

By rapidly gaining an understanding of our client’s business needs and goals, we enable our clients to achieve their technological objectives faster, with more flexibility and at a lower cost than with other consultants. 

Many of our consultants have more than 10~20 years of IT, Tele-communication, e911, VoIP, wireless or web development working experience.  Our business model is build upon a foundation of delivering high quality services leveraging the best value/available technologies through a network which respect and values it consultants and embraces key cultural values—honesty, integrity, individual and  responsibilities.  We apply these attributes to our sales process, our project management and quality services to ensure our clients’ success.  As a result, we have enjoyed a high level of repeat business and a very productive work environment.

Our development methodology also is base upon open communication, formal documentation and quality delivery.  Processes, procedures and documents are all standardized to ensure quality and consistency. 

The centerpiece of operation is designed to provide a deploy method that fits any project size with quality and effective result.

We have also evolved greatly over the past few years and stayed in sync with technological advances, massive market shifts and economic cycles.  And while we have stay true to our mission: to deliver value to our clients, to help our client personal growth for their career or their business, to commit corporate citizenship to our community, and have a good financial result for both our clients and ourselves.  We look forward with unbridled optimism and a commitment to excellence.